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Vertigo Disarray (Advoxya 2017)

   Constructed the hatred beliefs and aggrotech Dark Electro and EBM Gothic-fusion project tunes blasting your ears through the stereo system by the colder hands works via the debut album release by these Jyvaskyla, Finland duo unit under the moniker of Miseria Ultima over Phosphor music created by Aleksi Martikainen and Kimmo Huhtala representing their modern Electronic sounds and Industrial tempers within the boomed track-listed like Garden of Abstractions, Submerged, Shift To Crimson as well as Neuroveil and The Deep Red Heart as the vocalizations seemed to come out darker and screaming while the tension tempos standard to ejecting your fantasy to suicidal or sexual confusion bargains; one needs to avoid the music when the lights gone out gloomy as icy winter strikes.

Electrocutes ability to stung and dangerously, addicted you to the nearly death experiences ...