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Vendredi Marais (Darling Dada 2015)

   Were they’re washed ashore after a terrible storm of the perfect wasted of this century or the environment was adapted through local urban tales and news unwritten that makes the existence of the garbage dumps in the sea or ocean turns these lovely elusive creatures onto a hostile musician smart enough to combining and collaborates the talents and expressive Chiptune clubbing, Electronic Punk, Gameboy’s glitch and Breakcore; while calling themselves as Siren’s Carcass with their colorful hairs and glittery scales making thus odd beats and screamo of popular culture attractions via the self-titled recording and these fine female figures of France admitted that they’re letting themselves adrift to the human world port near the local beach while the tide was low as the used to quickly liking putrid smells and weird sounds not as a broken toys but a living creature; Siren’s Carcass written and begin to making their type of music they liked as being influenced from the madnees living of humanity mixed with the natural depth of the water-world commencing – Musecore, Ta Mer, Fille a Queue, C’est Assez dit la Baleine, Cannibale and Mario Kawaii leading roles to drive your head gone semi-insane but the singing of harmony sensual vocals keeps your conscious loving to have them in your arms while they’re consuming you from the inside out … 

Siren's Carcass: