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Valmasque (New Heavy Sound 2016)

   The marching of stomping beats and riff-age compositions makes the eerie marked harmony corrupted deals for Jessica Ball, James Carrington and Wez Leon with Paul Michael Davies consulting the anger riffs of consequence over the performance meets the blasting dark themes written by the lyrics as well as thus melodic vocals profiling these Wrexham – North Wales UK based metallic Doom quartet as the central pointing views would targeting the blue-haired lead singer woman or just opens your interests just by knowing their band’s name – Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard which sounding not constructed fine but yet it’s totally fits the tremendous slower erupting bangs for rock Stoner and Doom Metal beliefs story to play there. Cithuula, Osirian, Gallego and Testudo marks the unique artworks and catalyst symbols that brings by the icy particle of snow mentioned to us about the incoming long eternal age of frozen after the giant explosive malfunctions around the global world captures inside the blurry understandable meaning needs to be translated beyond Y Proffwyd Dwyll - as their recording release.

Y Proffwyd Dwyll: