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Tender People (Sabotage Records 2009)


   Dudes of two off Brooklyn receiving the idealistic Punk-Rock future and New Wave non-popular sounds like The Ramones turning their heads too joining Devo in no terms but kept their fast short and spontaneous thoughts beyond recognition or persecutions to make this recording session over Skuffed Up My Huffy LP sounding unique and androgyny and calling themselves Japanther as the duo abusing their guitars, picking dumber/silly samples and distorting loops noises into one simple daily works of an alley boys going to surfacing the Pop-culture style out from their shell and neighborhood area, trying to invades more listener around their city parts as goofing and beats the destructive musical sounds borrowed the rebellion tempers from The Beach Boys or The Rolling Stones and the New Wave troops of the eighties era via River Phoenix, Challenge, Cable Babies, Vagabond or Fuk Tha Prince and One Hundred Dollars which might pleasing your resume on finding stupid duet power-popping bringer of the old meets the new distorted of a long gone milestone artistic figures of independent souls music making !

Hail the drumming beats of Japanther !!!

Skuffed Up My Huffy: