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Vad Gor Jag Nu (Luxury 2016)

   Not being too darn famous capturing her moments while doing a good Indie-Pop and Alternative Rock recording release productions commencing by Alice Boteus or Alice B whom used to be a national recognition actress whose turning a bit far out from her comfort chosen talents to another one in singing that comprising a very great second albums onto Sa Unga (meaning similar to Said Young) and even behind those shadowy shading photograph on her presence lying down in bed alone can captures the beauty not by looks but deeper as Alice B softly, brings her un-doubtful Pop interests for the world to listening which the recent harmony and conscious melodic musical under her specific voice may spreading the talented lyrics about romance and broken-hearted mirrors tales through meaningful songs like Av Allting, Claudia, Nan Jag Alskar, Roken Un Mot Himlarna all the way through Blunda For Alltid and Dar Solen Slar for keeping the restless souls for not anymore – being alone listening for these.

Sa Unga: