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Utter Descension (Frontiers Records 2011)

   Amanda Sommerville is the brilliant keyboardist and lead vocals with long determination of metallic career on the scenery of projects and bands of the Symphonic Metal genre realm and for now it’s her choices to rebuilding the very own solo project of harmonic Symphony Heavy Metal with commercial Pop-Metal and tunes from Classic Rock Arena with Sascha Paeth to Olaf Reitmeier on six strings, Sanders Gommans or Michael “Miro” Rodenberg on keyboards as well as drummer Andre Borgman or Robert Hunecke to Erik van Ittersum in a completed of uniting Netherlands crew under the baptizing name of Trillium formed in Reuver, Limburg as Amanda Sommerville actually identity as an American blonde beauty giving this gifts via Alloy the full-length recording with eleven tracks of beautiful compositions and blazing rocket beats by the double pedals, bashing rhythmic and crazy soloists from shredder and keys on Coward, Purge, Mistaken, Justifiable Casualty or Path of Least Resistance which ended by Slow It Down. 

Whether you being hypnotizing through the beauty looks of the blonde female singer or because the Symphonic Metal shines out the illumination made well and professionally metallic.