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Unlaced: Emergency (Black-Listed Records 2010)

   Fully magical of these Japanese Symphonic Metal group as in Tokyo-based led by the female members on vocals Michal, Izo (guitars), bassist Naoki and Puzzy (keyboards) laid overtheir presentation for metallic catchy orchestral and rhythm sections as well as distinctive flavored Classical melding core in upbeats overtone emotions features on Astrolabe in Your Heart – the second attempts vision of recording albums from these Ancient Myth group that brings the additional good marks for Japanese Power Metal and Heavy Metal developing genre and scene to the next level. Both English and Japanese titles are here written down and blasting the Symphonic metal harmonies to your presence as double pedals drumming in the background helps the angelic vocals breaking the barriers between languages and bridging the hazy fantasy themes providing by them through Distant View to The Ashen Light, Eyes Shine Like Raspberyl, Walpurgis Cradle and Mortal Heaven must be a great up-links to your adding collections over the likes fan-based for this type of metallic beauty musical materials.

Ad astra to the stars and floating in magic wings must be the main reason idea for humanity to dreaming of became an immortal but the history didn’t ever supporting that kinds of evolution shaped changes. 

We are stranded here unless we can fixing the wings and powered up to go further to find our safe haven place not of this world.

Astrolabe In Your Heart: