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Ugly Pride The North (Knock Out Records 2003)

   Meet these Basel, Switzerland’s trio of Pop-Punk rockers like to be themselves by the good grace influences from The Ramones, The Buzzcocks and internet viral action sharing stuff which making Colin Brandle, Edi Junior and Ian Norris a good friends whom didn’t afraid to show their musical three grips easy-living but fully attention to the life’s matters itself and made them onto a themes and tracks to record over the band’s career as Vanilla Muffins loving sports and living alike. 

   The sound is delighted intense and so freaking Rock N’ Roll with Oi and Punk mixtures as well as wiser lyrics to wrote down and given titles to make them matters for anyone whose having a great chance on hearing the music and songs especially, through The Drug is Football rocking out hard but simple and not killing the creativity but sounded absurd a little bit as the teenage angst corrections the society within Brigade Loco, The Gang From Kannenfeldpark, All Roads Lead to Rome, 3 Comrades, Mexican Radio onto Viva El Fulham or The Mob From Kannenfeldpark suggesting the conservatives to stop whining and phobic about No Punkrock in My Car only spawning Streetrock Rules The World as it a fucking must to the rest to rebel against the injustice and for the love of your own hobby to choose – saying salute and carry on is a form of being yourself not copying the trends ! 

The Drug Is Football: