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Two Bit Whorehouse (Independent 2015)

   Sint Niklaas, East Flanders - Belgium one of those seminal extreme underground crew calling themselves – Hootka releasing this album wntitled Marked which you can hear how similar guitarist/vocalist Hoggy to resemblance the late Motorhead’s leader Lemmy as well being accompanied by Trixie (bass) and Curly (drums) playing their groovy raw sounds of Stoner/Doomy Metal within the most wild west-themed lyrics as Black Sabbath’s influences really necessary to captures the essential tunes written in menace slower but heaviest format you would love to listen for the weekend black magic rituals via Ditchweed Foghead, Carnivorus Vulgaris, Zakkenwasser, Sunday Bronco at The Fireball Cooch and Rattman – guzzling the distorted three piece conqueror state of the stage that pulled off refills by the sense of melodic craze on buzzing fuzz rocks.