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Tuny Z Blata (Day After Records 2018)

   Brno, Czech Republic group calling themselves Nikander I your ultimate lesser known Sludge Metal unit formed on that ex-commie land as the Sekyar Prohnana Kolenem didn’t really spawning the rest of Stoner Rock project onto it but more than that – as rocking brute fearless and not familiar within thus located sharpening by riffs and power-dunker edgy screaming, shouts and Sabbath-influences as well the Southern Death Metal emotions written to the audience over the tracks like Rozpalene Suky, Steel Willows, Rain of Needles, Ve Stinu Val onto Set A Distant Lie as well as Farewell  as for these comrades comes out from their hiding spots behind the wreck junkyard cars led by the female growler fronting her band screaming loud through the groovy blisters and exploding verses for this chance.

Metallic enough to blow your fucking minds up !

Sekyra Prohnana Kolenem: