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Trenchknife (Unbeaten Records 2017)

   Horrific and scary from the beginning of the record session spoken words really catch how you will describing these intense four-piece action of Baltimore’s Hardcore crew manifestation as growler vocals and double pedals convincing the Old-Skool and modern New Skool Hardcore bangs and just like the full Horror-based groovy “dirt-bagging” and metallic Hardcore music performance by Pat Baltimore, J Dot, P.P and Alex F as Queensway  much doing great moshing in your face attitudes to break the silence within the main performance mixture between Hardcore and Metalcore as the background for the one-eyed scary guy or the melting crime by actions just like the B-side lower and cheap movie making themes flowing in parted extreme ways through the debut recording of full studio album from them – Swift of The Darkside.

Let the band doing their punishment beating sounds for Fuel For The Darkest Man, Return to Dirt, Violent Breed and I.N.L that leads the rest of cruel riffs and New York-liked Hardcore as the way of the streets sounds wiser story-telling as the truth reveals here ! 

Swift Minds Of The Darkside: