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Transductio Sanctum (Cyro Chamber 2016)

   Almost you can said the music sounds really reflecting the mortal lovecraftian beyond adjustment of continuity, never ending or unreachable elusive earth in another great works upon this mysterious Serbian Metatron Omega’s Sanctum as being produced, written and performed by Scorpio V and mastering by Simon Heath as thus archaic chanting echoes barely skipped by halls or below the winter air and sky as hidden rituals practice under the serpent sacral pillars and chalice as Ancient Cothic choirs, Drone of rituals and atmospheric enlightens spreading in between listeners been hypnotized as making your presence like being inside the scary monastery holding a bouquet of ambient as In Search of Lost Wisdom, Trinitas onto The Eastern Star breaking promises about Cultus –like a case of an astronaut decided to letting his holder off and floating farther away from the shuttle embracing the outer space without limit in front of him leaving all behind; including his own past memories lives.