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The Witch (Moving Air Music 2017)

Wrote down their effective simple themes on death, hell to evil satan himself making this Stoner metal rocking like you really needs to curing your fake living by having the presence of them in your private room of head-banging drunk momentum and these Uppsala – Sweden unit as bassist Martin, Max the drummer, Andre on guitars, Emil the lead vocals and Gustav on the second guitars ready on mixing their addictive riffs for ages to moving your negative aspects back to ruling the world of yourself rather than fixing things that already broken and meant to be destroyed to pieces.

Underground sub-genre atmosphere playing slower tempo in heavy duty as well as thrown the darkness for thrashy doomed inspirations lyrics over thus Psychedelic ashes and the in-between some depression mourns in mold to dirt as infamous new ideas bonding for Black Metal/Bluesy Stoner Psychedelic and turning up volume against the calm dreamy changed to nightmares in the name of the cult of Ordos. 

Screaming hard and telling stories you need to feel the horror insider parts closer at heart or seeing the radish-lite surroundings the old castle of the band’s headquarter where the recording and the releasing of House Of The Dead has been successfully, done as thus nine minutes more for Satan Venit, Hounds of Hell coming to sets finish after six minutes and thirty-eight seconds as well as II or The Infernal God – growling, screamed and blaspheming giving honor of worshiping the red moon eclipse but never the non-existence of monotheist business faith for profits – whom must die by killing them twice to vanished. 

Only the darkness shall prevailing longer … 

House Of The Dead: