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The Simulation (Independent 2012)

   Identified themselves a Punk-Rock profound whose playing more louder, faster Hardcore with edgy metallic emotions as the lyrics on Heavy Metal, Thrash, struggle onto horror and partying giving these Chicago, Illinois's The Infected crew an original rights to spanking butts and kicking more asses which means also slapping the ignorant by their faces harder as the beats on EP recording off The Party must be a good intentions within bad bad modus divided onto six songs that talking loud about the specific cases dealing with the band’s experiences through their writing songs career and making disturbing hilarious sounds as they wanted.

   From Rage, The Rainmaker, Bordello Blues and Face To Face – might giving you a closer look for witnessing why this group really necessary to be labeled by parental advisory for the front cover artwork – showing how to acting stupid, anarchist and let the stuff pig being fuck from behind like that; wasn’t inappropriate !

The Party: