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The Robins Hair (RCA 1995)

Consisting as their existed since the first day to the present days with no future plans after the last releasing records on the late nineties era; under the moniker names of member-group like Matt Talbott on guitars/vocals, Jeff Dimpsey (bass), drummer Bryan St. Pere onto Tim Lash, Andy Switzky or Joe Futrelle as well as Jeff Kropp and many others coming to vanished as this Alternative Rock band from Champaign-Urbana, IL naming themselves Hum rocking their experimental career and disbanded but the story didn’t really blur to be misty ended or don’t but anyway, Hum’s third recording album – You’d Prefer An Astronaut may beliefs  to be recommended to as many people liking to have the kinds of distinctive sounds of distorting Alternative Rock metallic and fusing bombs harmonies just like the odd zebra spotted on the front greenish cover like it has been drop off to Neptune colony settlement for testing for loneliness and the theme songs also reckoning strange but groovy tunes like Stars, The Pod, Little Dipper, Songs of Farewell and Departure or I Hate It Too; seems relating to the secret failure NASA programs that nobody really heard about but the band knows better and typing them onto songs to share.

There’s a great outer space to explores and music to delivers out there by the power of long-lasted lights ! 

You'd Prefer An Astronaut: