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The Recalcitrant Protagonist (Debemur Morti Productions 2016)

   Left behind by the former members as Tchort in favor to joining Emperor as main composer while before they’re calling themselves different name before forging to be remaining themselves as In The Woods…evolving their Progresive Avant-Garde Metal after the releasing of several good works within the line-up for C.M Botteri (bass), C. Botteri (guitars), Anders Kobro (drums) and James Fogarty on vocals/guitars and keyboards bravely, by the releasing of the old-man’s eating his magical soup  made from human ingredients and black dark spells works circling the orbits of the moon and the sun melodically, twisting turns the infant beliefs on humanity while tracks bursting by harmony like this practical Pure releases its mystical and redeeming black magic tales for Devil's At The Door, Blue Ocean Rise (Like a War), The Cave Of Dreams or Transmission KRS and Mystery of The Constellations shall spreading some kinds of hollow surrendered onto the pathetic life as embracing death even before old ages captures you pushes beyond boundaries and decades to be included to this legendary Progressive Death metal group In The Woods… presenting to you darkness of the forest story-telling as you’re about to gets resemblance and forgetfully visible and suddenly, older.