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The Marksmen (Netflix 2018)

   Starring Sam Worthington with Taylor Schilling and Tom Wilkinson with violent conflicts and war-ridden as well as overpopulated planet Earth through 2048 brought news to humanity and sciences looking for another inhabitant place over our solar system which begun the meeting of spearheaded Professor Martin many of the few contestants being non-volunteered picks like Rick Janssen the pilot whom surviving his Syria assignment through the desert without water and food as the parts of the experiments forcing humans to adapting the hostile surface living on Saturn biggest moon on the story of The Titan.
Fil Eisler conducting and composed the entire musical soundtrack scoring within mostly, suspense and thrilling as well as fully learning for curiosity along the movie that directed by Lennart Ruff as the extreme conditions injections of a serum to the chosen people in a team that resulting ability to have incredible breath-holding for certain quite long time underwater as well the speeding swimmer almost like dolphins as it continues and Rick’s family Abigail and Lucas being placed in a very remote but luxurious complex compound somewhere on a Spain’s territory island but soon one by one of the chosen team under the circumstance of Professor Martin experiments failing out as Abigail noticing the darker veins as well as violent conducts from other team-mates as shedding skins off Rick’s body and mental breakdown to vomiting blood and the colder temperature sets as Rick daily stays underwater inside the pool spawn questions about safety of the further effects of the experiments onto the eyes surgery for lower light and dark vision ability completes the transforming over Rick to changed forever into Homo Titaniens. 
   The horror and disbelief for critical conditions as the new shaped mutant men Rick and Tally confronts their low frequency communication and killing of the several soldiers trying to detains them with the final solution of stopping the experiments gone wrong turning to NASA mission continues to send Rick into Saturn’s Titan make sense after all as humanity needs hero as pioneers relieving Abigail and Lucas that Rick will be exploring the alienated moon alone before men can sending colony there with cautions and you’ll see the beginning of barbecue party drinking dance with William Bell’s You Need A Little Something Extra suddenly, realizing that man can go further to migrating before earth’s devastated by themselves.