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The Infection (Shadowland Productions 2016)

   Melancholy somber of introspective and melodies as infectious Pop hooks and metallic softer edge gathering into an idea for making head-banging glamour sounds by Energy – a one man project hailed from Stoughton – Massachusetts signatures the right moves not to copying Nine Inch Nails but closer to be related onto any of the works of Glenn Danzig meets Alice Cooper meets Stabbing Westward in one timelines; practicing the way to call spirits using the Ouija board as the female entity enters your living room through the playing of Apparition Sound records as Energy leading the effective medium beats to create the Hardcore Punk Horror of Pop-tinged as catchy as the lists of musicians helping this like guitarists John Paolilli, Chris Curran to Joseph Freedman or Jason Tankeley on vocals, bass player Conor O’Brien and drummers like Kevin and Mat Thompson.

Fits for the next Halloween or your dead days celebrating de la muertos in blood-bathing cinco the mayo or else but even the suitable terror signs for scary movies might letting songs like New Worlds of Fear, Renascentia, Pet Sematary onto Dead in Dreamland and The Shadowlands banging harder from the stereo as the background soundtrack for murder acts mutilation on the new millennium. 

Apparition Sound: