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The Faithmaker (Oneye Records 2015)

Don’t pray for good melodies (or any good things at all) there because inside the Technical Death Metal just like the band from Porto Alegre, Brazil with the crew members: Eduardo Polidori, Igor Dornelles Mendez, Israel Savaris and Contidio Fontes – their force of awakening the terrible evil or supernatural bad seeds from hell and the surroundings really causing most of the total everything good turns to be destroyed once as the peace been torn apart and lie down on the gravy hole, the humanity being enslaved by not only greed but also demonic powers of conquests and tortures which came along within the releasing of Lethal Nuclear Evil over the Divine Vermifuge recording album off Bloody Violence collections of deranged music.
Growler vocals and lead choruses of hideous and terrifying lyrics and themes made flesh to consuming more and more without stopping shall – believed to opening the gates of destruction that brought by the deceiver and the false images as well as Sky Burial, Putrid and Damned, Colares UFO Flap or Mother of The Dying replaced the holy into unholier that thou and letting the march of the impurity slowly unstoppable, anymore.

Divine Vermifuge: