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The Dozer Creature (Hardly Art 2018)

   Seattle, WA summer started earlier which being brought by the band of female Surf-Rock-ers consisting for Shana Cleveland (guitars), Marian Li Pino (drums), Lena Simon (bass) and Alice Sandahl (keyboards) and decided that La Luz quartet – all singing their lungs out together with the song-writing provides by Shana and the group as well. As the third recording being released here via Floating Features that still clinging on to the weekend atmosphere as you going to the beach with your greasy friends or driving in color-shirts and screaming happy along the road with the sun shining bright or the rain just stop from giving you problems as the sand is warm or wet and La Luz trying to entertaining us all through their catchy Pop-Rock tunes like Cicada, Losing Teeth, Mean Dream, Greed Machine or California Finally and My Golden One.

Not just because the non-bias of American commercial grabs you up as the package of this girls comes in to your place but the interesting music, looks and the ability to driven listeners to liking them more are the key for success by these lovely ladies – and you got to admitted. 

Floating Features: