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The Delicate Pet (Merge Records 2005)

Composed by the compositions off Britt Daniel (vocals, guitars), Jim Eno (drums), Rob Pope (bass guitar, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) and Eric Harvey (keyboards, guitar, percussion) delivering themselves musical project under the simple name of Spoon. 

Alternative Rock and Indie Rock-Pop pleasure sounds being blended and the fifth recording releases spawning the band’s expanding career through Gimme Fiction which focusing over the red riding hooded figure as well as clever groovy soft materials in a distinctive echoes burst of rock music and some bluesy-pop soulful grips and harmonies among the issues themed of mystery. 

My Mathematical Mind, I Summon You, Sister Jack, They Never Got You, Merchants of Soul through The Beast and Dragon Adored or The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine – trying to ejecting the other parts of story relieving to the most common thoughts of the public  - maybe with this try-up shall changes your point of views for an illumination.

Gimme Fiction: