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The Climax (Bandcamp 2015)

Adventurous Progressive Metal group hailed from Mannheim, Germany without label but that doesn’t mean you cannot snapping your neck when listening to them loudly – as the digging thickets scene founded and masterminds via structures of complex combinations of heaviness and catchy melodies in both virtuoso and mighty riff-age covering the double pedaling metallic reality drumming for any unlimited Classic Rock Arena, Progressive and wide ranging high-tuned vocals as Chaosbay liking the influenced they’ve had from any great names – from US’ Stoner legend Clutch onto the variety of local blasts as Jan Listing (vocals, guitars), Joscka Bender (guitars), Matthias Heisig (bass) and Patrick Bernath (drums) releasing this latest recording on Tragedy No. 1 that gagging the mouth of them whom trying to talking about the urban secrets by the mischievous entity just like the continuity for Chapter I: The Issue, Chapter III: The Decline until Chapter V: The Upshot goes vanishing gone  and mysteries left behind unsolved in cases.

Tragedy No. 1: