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The Chain (Self-Released 2013)

   Fallen angels of the Rock n’ Roll cauldron where it is obvious when legends like Black Sabbath having their decision to replacing Karen O for the lead vocals and thus Earthless/White Stripes/White Witch or Jack Black playing the music for Black Keys formats as the threesome jerky band members of Dirty Sirens consisting of Monterey Salka (vocals), Christy Huber (guitars electric and vocals) to Eric Pietsch (drums) dealing the sweaty, nudity, pummel drums or sexuality amplifiers stalking banshee on the stage delivering the group’s combinations of Blues Metal, Psychedelic tribal and potent rhythmic heart/souls under the mighty metallic sounds announcing to win the best rock album for San Diego’s Music Awards and giving middle fingers to the world. A skinny angel creature fallen disguising as a female figure but its actually, the grim reaper; releasing the self-titled recording and cranking Speakeasy, Tear You Apart, Pistols At Dawn and Hellfire – fixed to burning the stage of your realm in fire ability telekinesis force into their harmony music for this unhealthy discriminative planet.

Dirty Sirens: