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The Boss Stage (Bandcamp 2016)

   Doctor B of Tel Aviv, Israel isn’t exactly doctor unit helping you out by one phone calls but these musical maker and arranging idea heads telling the world about the lost story about the night that forever be remembered as The Fall Of Doctor B which covered deeper by thus Avant-Garde Post Rock Pop-Synths as Alternative Electronic sounds of four songs glared the guitar melodies as well as the rhythmic probability on mix-noise samples influenced by Krautrock legacy and three talents of Daniel Bloch on drums, Omer Berger on guitars and Micha Gilad the keyboardist performing their arrangements of tunes just like the good example via Rave the second track with Noga Erez on female vocals as sexy as the fun-themed music under the destruction of dark-robot under the phases of lunar eclipse of stars led by fantastic keys against the end of the night's turning to uncertain daylights background the rest of rhythmic styles for Homicidal Hombres and Lemonades ...

The Fall of Doctor B: