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The Birds (Self-Released 2014)

    Dream-Psych onto Pop bliss as Psychedelic Shoegaze hailed from Eugene, Oregon as a duo on mixture gender musician as haunting as possible soft distortion complete buzz sounds by guitars and drums both recording the self-titled release for Snow White as cinematic quality on non-pressure describing thus combinations over Glam Rock, Classic Jazz psychedelic and injected blooming acid influences from James Bond suspense or local scene sharing stages beyond names like The Thermals, Summer Cannibals or Dead Meadow solidifying the external barrier for distinctive sound between the relationship for darkness, despair and tuning grooves over unhealthy exploitation sexual by nature or carving about expanding Dreamy sounds and themes just like the proof for the bathroom concrete atmosphere via either Interlude, Every Hour onto Picture In Your Mind and Love Song. 

Slowly as they goes; experimenting the gloomy thoughts and story experienced by Tim Khadafi process compositions or Lauren Hay’s eerie vocals on stereo. 

Snow White: