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The Arrival (ABC 1999)

   Fantasy mini-series of Stephen King’s written Horror television in three parts entitled Storm Of The Century wrote down a screenplay as the unfortunate events of murderous and missing people happening over the fictional small town of Little Tall island off the Maine’s coast as a definite powerful blizzard hits all access of the blocked as nobody can leaving the place until the storming weather over. Some resident brutally murdered striking the recaptures over horrific and gruesome mystery appears to the town members darkest secrets and motives shorter as a cryptic statement of “Give Me What I Want and I’ll Go Away” as the murder Andre Linoge a menacing stranger holding cell being investigates by Michael Anderson using his various ability to affects the entire town driving people to commit suicide and inflict terrifying dreams as the murderer campaign terror culminates enchantment places all eight small children unconsciousness; Mike Anderson also noticing an anagram of Linoge name as Legion – collective demons mentioned in the gospel of Mark and Luke being exorcised by Jesus to be cast into the swine herd.
As the town meeting being held as Linoge stating his desire taken one of the children as revealing his true form with fangs, ancient as dying creature that he must passing on his works punishing the world after teaching them punishment as demands must be done or he will killing the towners two-by-two as claimed happening already to Roanoke Island – North Carolina centuries ago – leaving them for an hour to make decision. Storm of The Century told the audience a very colder icy tales in a dark mysteries continues within the old sins, secret background and desires common decency appealing the strange horrific request from the creature for his new protégé as the aiding great evil decisions voting for the fairness using the weirding stones of eight with seven whites and one black; leaving the suspense story ended with Mike’s wife Molly holding the only black stone meaning that they’ll losing their son – Ralph forever. 
   Final remarks, begging and more tears from Mike as well as Molly turning hysteric as Linoge contemptuously thanking townspeople, revealing his scary form and suggesting nobody to tell about this event to the world ever. Flying out to the moonlit sky carrying Ralph and vanished. Mike then decided to leave Little Tall the following summer divorcing Molly and settled in San Francisco – one day noticing a favorite tune of Linoge hums and a teenage boy looks like his son with a very old creepy man after nine years off that Storm Of The Century that hits their island.

As the soundtrack scoring and instrumental composing music recorded by Gary Chang which comprising twenty-two tracks like Entering The House, TV Was Busted, Hell is Repetition, Call Machias, Havoc All Around onto Back To Clarendon's House and The Can truly cannot erasing the tragedy and terrible things which being brought by Savage Storm to everyone there ...