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Swamp Rainy (Bandcamp 2018)

   Sabbath worshipers continuing the legendary kicks within their self-inflicted magic and dark rituals carried on by the righteous reign over Stoner Metal, fuzzed Psychedelic Rock and excellent vocals are the reasons why you need to try listening the best parts of the band includes the imploding riffs, proto-tinged Doomy metallic and harmonies better abstract as Wicked Wizzard concludes themselves as a trio of Unai Minguez (guitars), as well as the main characters of Inigo Jauregui (bass, vocals and hammond) as well as Mikel Bidaurrazaga (drums and percussion) possibly writing their own materials and performing one hundred and one percents of themselves nonetheless but for the greater passions sharing on the Rock scene of the exotic Mungia in Basque Country which held a shocking giant explosion on the mountain top of the highest world spot destructing systematically spontaneous by this self-titled recording which carrying thus tracks of solid rocking played by three local self-heroic not promotional but being proud and believed in self-esteem as disaster struck down within Sin City, Witchstone, Rednecks from Hell, Hills of Madness onto Earthquake – miserably sounding too good to be true; penetrating the curiosity inside you by the solos and the partly, progressions as the similar card showing the fell of the highest thing must be a bad sign for the haves, perhaps.

Wicked Wizzard: