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Surfer Boy Lucky (Bandcamp 2017)

Kyoto/Osaka – Japan brothers: Satoshi Fumikiho Sasa grew-up Punks listening to more Hardcore and Garage Rock prefers to writing songs in not native language zone as their English lyrics priceless to be praise as spontaneous human combustion verses in a round hooks and riffs into simplicity on Punk Rock. Products like the duo project under the moniker of BLPRS stepping in a non-comforts grungy alternative rocking themed and short duration as being produced by Hamacide in such a creative process of elevating the rock sounds for this - Isle mini recording.

The two minutes and thirty seconds opener Deep to the closing track Away ended up in three minutes and thirty seconds believes to be an act of free-thinking freedom exposing the right way as thus path on pioneering bumps sounds or reshape are over now – leaving the crumbs for the latter days communion to adding crazy shit distortions or mysterious four-piece of rockers editing ordinary onto subordinated extra-ordinary but at least, still listenable for the lusting audiences for green-skinned cheerleaders.