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Suffering Tool (DBSP 2007)


   In case you really into the liking fan-based for different rocking materials by sounds just like the combination from W.A.S.P, Babylon Zoo, The Dead Kennedys onto New Order’s New Wave disco-beats and Twisted Sister’s Mr. Snider army of intelligence being creatively, creating the musical project program for non-human entity – the things might sounded alike this Run For Your Lives from the group called Vertigo Venus as the blender button pressed and all the ingredients splashing around as smooth as liquid turned like jizzy-cum in a cup or glass.
Harmony melodic within those imperfect or the fun-tinged childish to the Industrial banging beats by standard comes alive within thus bewildering the street’s booze and pogo-moshing dance of the anarchist punks whom loved to be electrified by Electronic Rock music. 
   Burning places to the simple solos added by the performance from Bang Bang Bang, Necrovile, The Cock Song, New Face and At The Alter brings the benefits between the religious mocking terrible diet-ry as well as lesser solution for the conflicts made by these Albuquerque crew here. 

Don’t worry if the information of them didn’t really exist – at least, you still can listening more about I Was God or Vampire Hunter C tips off the punkish rebel perspectives. 

Run For Your Lives: