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Stony Stimuli (Independent 2018)

   Don’t relates the migrating from Alabama to Chicago as their aiming to change but these Afro-American plural genders trio naming themselves (The) Breathing Light might be sounded as looking weirder for those people whom didn’t knowing them at all – as the former Normal, Alabama team-mates decided to liking their non-popular and also stepping away from the suspicious genre of music casuals by helping the odd getting even strange within this blending over Afrocentrism, Punk Rock, Dark shit stuff as the band’s theme in writing  materials and you would really surprising after seeing them and playing the music as the creativity attraction changes in logic of laughing fun and head-bang wilder made well by the Romantic-Rock arranging by Kyle on vocals/guitars, Camille on bass/vocals and PJ the drummer releasing the Cold Static World. Ten songs – super-powers to fighting the surroundings prejudice and typical measurements of social values and views by using the wiser lyrics telling stories like sickening Bad Brains try-out boot camping via Blood Oath, In Control, Live For This, Wintermule, Eye For Eye or 10 Crowns almost pretending not to be sounded too ”blacked” at all but besides that – the extremities calling those whom liking to protests rather than sit quietly and get fat with racist gossips bull-shit !

Cold Static World: