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Star Destroyer Code (Self-Released 2017)

   A type of The Last Mixtape of these Vancouver, British Columbia teaming-up/core-management and like a gang-bang group of mobs and Gangsta Rapper from the Outer Rim area joining force to make another anti republican alliance rebels in the name of Boom Bap/Hip-Hop/Nerdcore/New Wave and Stoner underground Rap music sounds led by the mighty Jedi warrior whom casts his own life in secrecy celibate living before returning to the middle of the frontal battle with the imperials via song writings, beats making or courage arranging within this shit and you may know the name of (DJ) Chong by holding his cassette and the lightsaber beyond the imagination as hosted by Ras Kass as following the footsteps of Kenobi clan by the performance for these twenty five tracks mixing like Jon ReX’s Order 66 (prod by Ro Data), Chronic Tone & Paranom doing Sith Lord Steps (prod. By Chronic Tone), Lou Hefner & Jos Rockwell in Lazer Sword (prod by Sadhugold) onto DJ Chong Wizard himself with Ras Kass  & Black Ryan and Planet Asia to Willie The Kid getting One With The Force producing this as Jedi March, Feeling Like Yoda or Boonta Eve pointing that something just cracking again in the universe of vast tyrant commanding system and those poor, weak and countless people of the cosmos demanding their rights to fight the power owned by the evil corrupted leaders in such an outstanding efforts in music from a Padawan Son.

The Last Mixtape: