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Stan Burks Daemon (Anchor Bay Entertainment 2008)

   Must be one of the lowest rated film ever directed within the gruesome but again – low quality and plot as usually copying from other rests but the main interesting thing here lies on the interconnection of video Horror against the Zombie Apocalypse backdrops as terror sets in a three group tales as being survivors on the apartment complex as outside the world being totally devastated and horde of the undead raging to consuming every living things still breathing as food supply getting low and dwindling – the vampire couple kidnapping a young girl as the reason for help turns out to be a plan for draining blood slowly as she’s being left and tied up bleed as surviving plan don’t go exactly as planned as the obsessive horror tales writer which neglecting his wife as Dean keep his sanity bury as himself writing and installed the new processor running the computer over their limited generator power soon found out to be malfunctioned and slowly not just attacking the living things such as baby mice for charging the battery but also attacking the owner himself and high priced cannot be avoid to be paid; while another strange story about surviving fighter girl with nice looking outfit Heather did her nutty battles against the hordes of zombies outside before making way in finding and rescuing a young mom and her little son from those flesh-eating un-dead as being taken back safe to the apartment complex but soon after that – they all discovering that a renegade priests comes in raiding to kill the boy as hellbent promises open the gates through the presences of that demonic child really confusing the rest of the whole story parted but even you dislike the creepy and weird music performing and arranged by Pakk Hui – it’s must be a straight male attractions for watching some of those good-looking actress like Alisha Gaddis as Dana, Annemarie Pazmino as Natalie and the best of them all the hottie Michelle Rose stepping in the devastation realm on Edges Of Darkness movie as Heather the female warrior. 

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Edges Of Darkness: