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Stalin Vs. Hank Hardy (Acme Records 2006)

   Raw, blistering fucks and damagely goods to you to moshing harder within the results of broken bones and bruises face following the escalation of abusive tempos and extreme crashing borderless mayhem and anthemic tracks protesting the injustice or being quite selfish not to following the freaking rules that the world forcing you to obey via these Finland’s power-violence crew of Hero Dishonest bringing their songs of Booger Man, Team Neadernthal, Road to The Arctic Ocean, BYOFTP, Deathwish onto Between God and Chemist as well as Saw It, Count To Nothing , Fist Song and If I Can Drop Out It’s Not My Revolution – seems to giving the listeners a new try-out themes for not easily given up and running away from many problems but bravely, facing them and fight until you cannot wake up and coming out the hole any longer.

When The Shit Hits The Man LP must be a way out from much issues facing by teenagers and young people all around the globe under the circumstance of pressuring demands of the larger companies and leaders crushing the weak down to controls them. 

No more nice hearts for the wicked to give but ass-kicking and face slapping hardest way. 

When The Shit Hits The Man: