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Splact Elliot (Independent 2012)

   Believed that Metallica old formations already making a truce with Venom and Diamond Head as the non-plagiarism pro-nature an atheist themed being written in such specific terminology around the fast Speed Thrash Metal extreme for Andre A.lien on drums, Erick Veles the guitarist, Ivan Skullcrusher on guitarsas well as vocalist Dinho hailing themselves as Imminent Attack’s Cross-Over metallic group from Barueri, Sao Paulo as the love for beer and destructive giant mammoth creatures re-capturing the planet and put humanity inside the cages to be displayed –kinds of fantasy turns reality things just like the mighty releasing of this epic and Classic Heavy Metal speed-up and high techniques for Deliver Us From Ourselves as the rabid rage of tempos conquering your ears system and head-bang arena within the insanity fast Thrash/Hardcore like the crazy-skater metal-heads intruders coming for kicking down your doors through Noise For Nothing, Secret of Skin, Mousebeer, No Name, Mechanical Mind and Drink & Fun – perhaps, put it this way: if you ever needing to have a better version of St. Anger turning to St. Madness than this one is the one you fucking need to crank !

Deliver Us From Ourselves: