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Spiegel Ruby (United For Opportunity 2010)

Reality is to meet these trio from Dublin, Ireland collaborating themselves as The Guggenheim Grotto dressing up neaty even completed theirs with thus porky pie hat and dark suits just like the reality of the music made by them really sounded temporary – magnifying to listen on those whom liking the effects of excellent around the Progressive Rock scene genre of sounds.

The relationship of humanity and couples romance onto the dignity fantasies events and further wiser lyrics available on Wings and Feathers to Map of Human Heart as well as the opener inside Trust Me I’m a Thief through Wisdom, Concentrate as well as Never Before has being recorded over The Universe is Laughing facts of musical performance there and your abstracting images will also expanding along within the great compositions found and not lost anymore – collected by the band in peaceful realm. 

The Universe Is Laughing: