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Spiderwolf (Bandcamp 2011)

   Cooked up in a ready to unleashed their unsuspecting pure gazing rawks in angst for all you come over and liking the admiration of these crafty brewed batch incoming over the new tunes of boozing and bad women attitudes or anything else you could ever asked for the pleasure of your ear-balls chug-a-luggin’ seminal serious sounding not mockery for Pantera and super-fuzz out Garage of the 60’s heaviness led the riff-age and the melodies born to raise these Ottawa’s rockers named Garaga for releasing Miss Universe – like a bad laughing to the space-journey sci-fi shitty tales offering to the best groovy Psychedelic Rock N’ Roll salvo cranking Rowed Out, Wrong or Right, Hot Jo and Knuckles might be resemblance to the hatred like the female astronaut's middle finger being given to all the assholes on earth here !

Miss Universe: