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Spare Prick Serpent (Black Lake Records 2013)

Raw scratchy non-perfect of a recording S/T LP from the Aberdeen’s messing crew of digital era Hardcore-Punk loyalists named themselves DirtDrinker expels the announcement the damages things been delivers by them within the Sludge-metallic tinged marks crushing heaviness as thus two head-figures out of Renn (guitars, vocals) and Ewan (drums, vocals) would be the the world biggest unknown two-piece group whom blasting the hell off your stereo system within the D.I.Y and influences from Unsane, Old Man Gloom, Botch, Ken Mode or Vaccine. 

The puking figure, the detentions wearing lumpy heats or the tree gods getting ready to spreading ritual curses upon the modern land are likes those worms on the tip of the leaves branch blasting like giant pimples about the issues in Napalm Meth, King of Idiot (Lord of Deadbeats), Black Mood, White Moments or Part-Dog – cellular connected the wish-lists for the rejected personal society – collecting anger, rage and hate in one package and blown out the realm for reasonable terror acts.