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Soteriology (Bandcamp 2012)

   Vocoder filter-house of Electronic-Pop vocals a repetitive four-on-the-floor themes as mimicking religious chants can easily about to changes into the sacred vows of being an atheist might be so bubbly and danceable to get listening as Rabbit Rabbit album here replacing the better versions as decided to be animated in Holy Spark which sounded like awesome new forms of Depeche Mode off-brands in definite heteronromative clicking flips via the opener Karaoke Style, I’ll Miss You When I Wake Up, Please Wait While Next Song Loads…, Is Anyone There as well as Insert Coin and Bad Friends turns in circles as daily life been sucked and dislikes – the moment of softer beats shall proven to sets you soul free to go out tonight and sitting on the shady corner of the bar; watching those stupid people talks about bull shits thoughts of the world or just around Portland, Oregon. 

Holy Spark: