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Sock Privacy (Street Dream Records 2015)

   Nicholas Thompson-Brown doing the bass guitars/vocals/clarinet as well Luke MacDonald goes to performing guitar/drums/vocals and Jake Lichter did the guitar/bass/drums/vocals thing on this blowing experimental Rock N’ Roll or some media calling it “Garbage Rock” overly ambitious as Pop-Punks gone Mod-Tops in Savant-Garde looks or sounds which studying kinds of disaster that can triggered the third world war captions as Lunch Cult being themselves as Lunch Cult’s self-titled album much easier to be called Grunge and the description of an animated desert battles that covered under the catchy rocking blistered tracks like thus experimented Drum Solo as real as it sounds; Dwayne, On Time after the intro, energetic and superb fresh - Teenager and Don Q onto the opener song groovy crazed within Trust Us (We’re Lunch Out) isn’t came from Paris or the lost story about how break a tale for Jewish Man manually fun to listen. 

Lunch Cult: