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Sleeping Beauty (Chrysalis 1985)

   Core members always being that talented as well as the proof that that points also really gets in order as for these Australian New Wave Rock group consisting for the duo of Christina Amphlett and Mark McEntee on their unique female vocals performance that not many can copying since the first beginning as the recording albums been releasing by the complete formation of Divinyls or The Divinyls with Charley Drayton, Charlie Owen, Jeremy Paul, Warren McLean and many more ex-members and for the third recording album from them – the raw softer distortions as well as the Pop-Rock beats in New Wave intricate for the heavy influences from The Cure works but within more popper verifications as What A Life ! leaves your ears as favorites which brought Pub-Rock locale, Pomp-Pop and more romantic brokenhearted edges turns into such a powerful surviving anthem for woman during the clever fun partying of the midst of the eighties.

Onto Pleasure and Pain, Guillotine Day, Heart Telegraph, Old Radios and Para-Dice or Good Die Young not prohibited people not being themselves because words and lyrics have becomes the new holy words like the bible by Pop Culture.

What A Life: