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Skygazer Mess (Inner Ear 2018)

   A Punk-Rock and Indie Pop mixture with souls as Thessaloniki (Greece) figure of multi-talented Zimmy Lips on vocals,  guitars and programming meaningless on plural themes within the female intuitions on Vagina Lips music-plan played by real man along must be a good lesser-known projects of musical making which spreading the essential calmer and suitable feelings around broken things, pain, atmospheric situations and the not so lovely surroundings the daily living track-written and more seminal wiser lyrics but everything being wrapped by the catchy Shoegaze/Alternative Goth-Rock tension that describing the giant moth covering your beautiful face not because you wearing the sexy dress but already you’re sparkling the energy over the recording release off - Athanasia which made good sing along songs like Lifestyle Motherfuckers You are Killing Me, I Don’t Eat My Friends or Born To Live and New Wave Girl convincing the self-ridiculed over depression but how to jumps back and crossing the small pond without being fell, wet and dirty yourself again ever. 

Would it be emotionally nice to be happy even if you’re not being together anymore ?