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Skybound Gods (RidingEasy Records 2016)

Inspired by the Proto-Metal onto thus early force of 70’s Psych for Doom/Stoner Rock and American psychedelic on the trio blessing within the reflecting ghostly rolled out together high techniques and slower blasts of Blues Fuzz-fest and masterworks of riffs stripped down in low-ends internationally, being heard a loud live just like their likes and influences and friends such as Kadavar, Orchid and Fu Manchu to NAAM and Orange Goblin ominous dealt with life and death and things in between like expelling demons or fading the masses as intoxicating would be a raw dose for adrenaline or nostalgic revenge not fatigue reverence to hear and head banged.

Pagan Science brought by the three rock-heads: Ian Graham, Jason Sullivan and Lisa Alley as mid-tempo heavy powerful riffs and great choruses switching the on button for those whom loved to die for collecting more products of non-commercial Rock on realm for today’s purposes and the near future views as this unit– The Well exactly, true to covering the hidden beauty under the plastic covers over the goddess of innocence and pure virgin staying safe behind the guarding themes over Choir of The Stars, One Nation, Byzantine, Brambles, Forecast and A Pilgrimage – just like hatred for being enslaved by money no more and stealing Drug From The Banks is what the trends wanted you to do rockers just like Ozzy did

Pagan Science: