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Skulls Exploitation Psychedelic (Lacerated Enemy 2013)

   Romanian Death Metal brutal consisting for Calin Paraschiv (guitar, bass, drum programming), with Daniel Borodi (vocals) convulsing the gory themes over thus mutilation process aspects within the screaming for helps that never comes from the weak victim and the feeling when you’re trapped and cannot escaping anymore blasts like rapist cum onto you as the spirits loss and the light of your life’s faded while the mad psychotic surgeon keeps going on ripping you off – piece by piece as exploding drums like heart-phobic beats and guitar-riff age bursting like a slicing knives onto your flesh cutting, slashing, peeling and later on torturing you more recorded by Necrovile through Engorging The Devourmental Void album release – witnessing I Kill Therefore I Am, Slaughterhouse Nemesis, Submit to Dehumanization, Disinterment Delirium or Fresh Gutted Fuck – as the horror seems to not stop endings …

Engorging The Devourmental Void: