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Sixtle Vertigo (Independent 2018)

   Some media would letting the band deserving applause for their Pop-standard experimental magic sounds as Psychedelic Rock takes over the board; whether some haters would calling their music as Lennon’s fart or Shoegaze artistic mixed with Pop-Psychedelic for this Zutti album recording where slow motions melodies makes the harmony feels like the tip of the taps of the drum-sounds made by these Austinmer – Aussie's Tropical Strength on their Friday’s market shopping fruits over 5 dollars lime, 3.99 for oranges/kilo and some of those intentions being released through the painting activities of the urban society in colors because of tracks alike Let’s Take A Walk and Brian We Know, Pile of Shit, Darlin onto Let The Sunburn or Tomorrow Never Snows really describing how the local seeing themselves and their surroundings down under within the soft, haunting and semi-cheering vocals added as well as sixty-era Pop just showing us the influences from The Beatles really been captured by the group to be re-cycled for the modern generation ears.