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Six Day 05:02 (Southern Lord Recordings 2013)

   Personal struggles lyrics messages of Lumbar’ Sludge/Doom Metal music performing its local ingredients off Portland, Oregon satisfaction on thus metal-heads trio performance with Aaron Edge (drums/guitars/bass/vocals), Tad Doyle (vocals) and Mike Scheidt (vocals) mixing their performance through a multi-instrumentalist personal with the doubled voices of male rage or ego like a blistering storms which opening the gate of slower-tuning beats and brutal mini-convincing screamers or mournful melodic sang the epic of troublesome story telling by the band of three calling themselves Lumbar to releasing the one and only record of them – The First and Last Days of Unwelcome with two sided recording on Side A having Day One to Day Four as well as the continuity until Day Seven closing this twenty-four minutes and forty-six seconds top longer disturbance riffs and more destructive atmosphere really being illegally alleged to be released as the force of hateful violence spreading a fucking tad; edgy personal multiple sclerosis effects on both physic and spiritual as well as the needles capturing your movements like a mummy from dark ancient being recorded within the effective dangerous sounds brought by the evil deeds to this place.

The First and Last Days of Unwelcome: