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Silver Rocket (Kapa Records 2016)

Azo the guitarist/vocalist, Vico on guitar, Mato the drummer and bassist Sacco guaranteed that you will die like a real hard fans after the sooner or later chances listening onto these Slovenian heavyweights packs of Stoner Metal punching gifts and six-string driven wall of sounds bringer as metallic crusher distortion shall wrapping your realm’s up in a neaty gritty enclosure magnificent atmosphere over the rocking venues from the fourth album recording needs to cranking out your stereo system over the Friday night and miserable daylights; showing the eligible signaled symbol on a dead old man with a long beard in a bathtub where the title that looks seems to be a misdirected choice for Miss Universe may spreading some bad imaginations and there’s anywhere but there as the band performing as loud fucker as they can – spawning the miraculous non-trendy Stoner/Sludge Metal rocking system via Round Nose Cat, Bluebird, Moon Shuffle, Seven until Burning Sun may forming an alliance as this vinyl with all songs and producing being written and did well by Carnaval as the ex-Eastern Europe commie-member countries. 

Miss Universe: