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Side B (Independent 2013)

   Go finding the mixtape on experimental Horror music even if it’s no nearly your goddamn Halloween yet which probably, heading to the pointing on this Los Angeles, California works by DJ Cryptkicker as those scary, creepy and terrifying face figures spins off the straight dignity and normal views out of you as replacing it with spoken on nightmares and gravy themes unmarked, untitled, mysteriously eerie on Pop-oldie tunes medley like it’s still the sixties era. From Frankenstein, the mummy, one eye goblin, ghouls or pirates and the undead – all haunted your ears like the pokes over Beggars Night Vol. 2 – When Halloween was Forever. Either you pressing the first Side A reference onto thus thirty-two minutes and twenty seconds track or the next one; DJ Cryptkicker shall never responsible for the effects or bad cause happens to you while or after the monster hits air showing the radio … (then, grim laughing heard).

Beggars Night Vol. 2 - When Halloween Was Forever: