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Shottsie Colors (Equal Vision Records 1998)

   Seminal Hardcore of New Jersey finest local scene with their Straight-Edge choices to pick and lived on with it shall opening the Old-School’s moment of truth for HC that being brought to the frontal stage and many slam-mosh-pit spots by the comprising crew of five: Bill Hanily, Chris Zusi, Marc Zeveney, Mark Porter and Mike Kingshott throwing their third emotional recording studio of full length in career within this – Fast Times At The Jersey Shore which re-covering all those aspects around the place where glamour meets the rebellion, unlawful carnal knowledge facing the reality of romancing fake love television series as broken thoughts generation only thinking about money and fame and fortune where they’re will leading them onto a consumerism cultural trap with the only choices left to end the misery is addiction about alcohols where you might ended up drunk for the rest of your lives.

   Floorpunch didn’t want you to be like that and more of these songs proclaiming back the spirits and hopes to the hands of strength and unity combines with friends, family and loyalty - eager to conquering almost everything as the music speaks through Washed Up at 18, Holding On, No Expectations, What’s Right, Time To Heal as well as Change of Heart onto The Answer or Gaining Ground shall becoming your important returning Point of View before the direction checked and chosen … 

Let It Ride ! 

Fast Time At The Jersey Shore: