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Shoggoth (Not On Label 2018)

   Highland Park, LA’s group - Crystales comprising of their slower Pop-tunes and oldie Retro sounds from the mid of the sixties as Nick Gil (vocals, guitars), Billy Gil (guitars, vocals), Tony Infante (bass) and Jason Hanakeawe (vocals, drums) given their Surf-Pop as well as Alternative Indie Garage Rock and Dreamy Pop or Shoegaze injections onto their mellow tuning musical programs just like the doubled reflections appearing on the mirrors and thus beauty mystery baptizing its self-titled recording to be such an enjoyable music terminal for the lonely left behind on Saturday night session at home; listening to radios or just talking to themselves but like Los Angeles sparks never gets Boring for Séance, Lie Awake at Night even When It’s Over and further telling the world that I Don’t Care really can agitating Kate Blanchett interests or the audience like a Donkey or Ariel.