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Shanghai Tunnels (Not On Label 2010)

Following the four season’s session recording took place between the early month until the midst of the year is this record delivers thus sweetener beauties and calm peaceful tracks written and arranged by the musician enlisted names like Luke Anderson, Joey Kantor, Chris Koza, Linnea Mohn and Peter Sieve; describing about the blooming flowers and the hummingbird songs, the crystal clear water dam and the beach umbrellas to the reborn of the moth and the mayflies as bison’s mating times being almost the same as how fruits grown and ripped as harvest tales continues here over The Bookseller’s House given the exchanging of harmony sounds through the performance of the group calling themselves as Rogue Valley. 

A Minneapolis overture tunes composers and talented musicians – playing their soft and filling the whole humanity with positive wiser messages and lyrics to share more further worldwide from this starter album talking on love, loss, wanderlust and relationship between people, self-reflecting Pop and World Folk to Country Americana based musical to listening. The Summer Moon, Racecar Driver, Encierro, The Color Wheel, Rose Festival and The Blackberry Moon wasn’t trying to keep us inside the Jar Flies but open the minds for a better days offered by the nature and friendships within lives. 

The Bookseller's House: